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**Don’t Miss Out on the Future of Sustainable Agriculture with Toopi Organics!** **INTRODUCTION** Discover the incredible work of Toopi Organics, a game-changing biotechnology initiative that is transforming human urine into plant biostimulants for sustainable agriculture. With a recent investment of 8.4 million euros and the backing of the prestigious EIC Accelerator fund, Toopi Organics is making waves in the agricultural industry. **Revolutionizing Urine Collection from 2 Million EU Citizens** Toopi Organics has achieved a remarkable milestone by collecting urine samples from 2 million EU citizens. By partnering with various event organizers, they ensure a sustainable source of urine for their innovative production process. This unique approach not only reduces waste but also supports organic farming. **Unleashing the Power of Biostimulants for Optimal Plant Growth** Toopi Organics transforms collected urine samples into biostimulants, essential for maximizing soil phosphorus utilization and optimizing plant growth. Approved for use in 5 EU member states, their biostimulants showcase both effectiveness and safety. Take part in the eco-friendly revolution by embracing their sustainable approach. **Expanding Operations and Forging Strong Partnerships** With an impressive Series A funding round of 16 million euros, Toopi Organics is rapidly expanding its partnerships and urine collection efforts. More festivals, concerts, and even highway rest areas and theme parks are joining their cause, ensuring a comprehensive supply of urine samples. Currently operating in multiple countries, Toopi Organics is revolutionizing agriculture on a European scale. **Testing and Expansion: Pioneering Sustainable Agriculture** Powered by substantial investments, Toopi Organics aims to conduct tests in 120 agricultural regions across six European countries. By doing so, they are determined to showcase the effectiveness and scalability of their biostimulants, solidifying their position as pioneers in sustainable agriculture. **Don’t Miss Out, Join the Sustainable Agriculture Movement Today!** Take the first step towards transforming your social media presence with Trust the experts and implement the right strategies to grow your social media accounts. Sign up with now and unlock the true potential of your social media platforms. Be part of the growing community and embrace the future of sustainable agriculture with Toopi Organics.

**TOOPI ORGANICS: Transforming Human Urine for Sustainable Agriculture**


Toopi Organics is a biotechnology initiative founded in France in 2019, aiming to revolutionize the agricultural industry by producing plant biostimulants through the fermentation of human urine. With the support of the prestigious EIC Accelerator fund, Toopi Organics has recently secured a substantial investment of 8.4 million euros. This funding will enable the company to further develop its innovative approach and expand its operations across Europe.


One of the key milestones achieved by Toopi Organics in just a year is the collection of urine samples from 2 million EU citizens. By partnering with toilet providers at various events, including festivals, concerts, highway rest areas, and theme parks, Toopi Organics ensures a wide range of urine samples for their production process. This sustainable approach not only helps reduce waste but also provides a valuable resource for organic farming.


The collected urine samples are transformed into biostimulants, which are essential for optimizing plant growth and maximizing the utilization of soil phosphorus. These biostimulants have already been approved for use in 5 EU member states, showcasing the effectiveness and safety of Toopi Organics’ products. By utilizing human urine in this manner, Toopi Organics paves the way for a more eco-friendly and sustainable agricultural system.


With the successful completion of a Series A funding round of 16 million euros in September, Toopi Organics has further expanded its partnerships and urine collection efforts. In addition to festivals and concerts, the initiative has installed waterless urinals in highway rest areas and theme parks, allowing for a more comprehensive collection of urine samples. Toopi Organics now operates in countries such as France, Belgium, Spain, and the Netherlands.


Thanks to the significant investments received, Toopi Organics plans to conduct tests in 120 agricultural regions across six European countries, including Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Portugal, and Italy. This extensive testing will provide valuable insights into the effectiveness and scalability of their biostimulants, further solidifying their position as pioneers in sustainable agriculture.


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